Marian is a kind, dear soul. She listens intently and empathetically, and asks thoughtful questions which allow for meaningful reflecting and processing. I have found my sessions with Marian to be encouraging. Though sometimes the emotional work is painful, she always helps to put in perspective the growth and progress I am making. Marian is generous and just glows with compassion. I am grateful to not only have met her, but to have worked with her on deeply personal issues in which I have seen positive changes!
I have struggled for many years to overcome negative thought patterns in my desire to be a better person and live a happier life. Like many I fight to overcome numerous incarnations of stress, depression, past emotional traumas, and the feeling that I have just somehow lost my way. I have tried a few different therapy options but nothing has come close to the success I have found with Marian and EFT.

Dr. Marian Condon is truly wonderful to know. She is a life long learner, creative in many ways, and herself dedicated to the process of continual growth and personal advancement. Thanks to her caring nature and the remarkably quick and effective methods of EFT (as compared to my other counseling experiences), I am now better equipped to protect myself from negative thoughts and energies, from both internal and external sources. The time I have spent working in sessions with Marian has released me from past angers, fears and sadness. At times it is difficult, and chasing down one problem to its resolution, often opens the door to another that needs work. It can be exhausting work, leaving one feeling quite drained. But I am all the better for it. My energy and general daily mood are much more positive, and my more placid state has even become quite noticeable to those around me.

EFT has allowed me to make peace with many painful memories, and even generate my own new positive reactions to unavoidable situations that in the past would have emotionally crippled me for weeks, or even months. Paired with Marian’s genuine compassion, personal creative energy, and willingness to aid others, I am certain EFT will help many others as it continues to help me.

I consulted Dr. Condon because I’d had an upsetting interaction with a supervisor and could not stop thinking about it. I was constantly replaying the conversation in my head and obsessing about the injustice of the supervisor’s actions. My feelings of hurt, anger and betrayal were overwhelming and I was afraid my job might be affected. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to let go of those uncomfortable thoughts and eventually they started to affect my mood. A concerned friend told me about Marian and suggested that EFT might help. Honestly, I was doubtful, but after only one session, I was able to better understand why what happened had affected me so powerfully. The tapping was amazing! It stopped the obsessive thinking in its tracks.
Barbara H
I had suffered for many years from what I think was PTSD related to psychological abuse during childhood. I’d tried numerous psychological solutions to no avail. I couldn’t seem to shake the low self-esteem, lack of motivation and deep-seated anger that plagued me. After hearing about EFT, I thought I would try one more time to get some relief. Marian Condon was the best qualified Certified EFT practitioner in my area. To my absolute delight I found her to be a great fit for me. She is professional, empathetic, and patient, and has helped me immensely with my issues. Marian has given me the ability to “step outside myself “ and use EFT to neutralize the past experiences that were stealing my life and peace. I am calmer, sleep better, and interact with people in a healthier way. My friends and family see me as a new person. Even though the wounds from my past were deep and painful, I look back on working with Marian as a wonderful, freeing experience. I have recommended Marian to others and will continue to do so.

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