Two days late on this blog post. Promised myself I’d do one every Wednesday. Oh, well. ’Tis the season to be behind on things.

You may be wondering how the strength training class is going. There’s good news about that, and bad.

The good news is I tolerated the second week fairly well. We did a series of exercises that were different from the ones we’d done the first time because Sally doesn’t want us to get bored. In hindsight, bored would have been good – for two of those exercises in particular.

The first involved a seemingly innocent, soccer-sized, ball that would have been a popular item in Guantanamo. The idea was to throw the thing against a wall and then catch it. Sounds easy, right? Well, that malevolent sphere weighed eight pounds. Every time I threw it and tried to grab it on the rebound, my fingers slipped and it smacked me in the face.

Beware black balls in gyms.

The other exercise, Superman, would also make a nifty alternative to water-boarding. I had to lie prone on a mat, stretch my arms out in front of me, and then raise them, along with my head and legs, as high as I could. If I had back muscles, that maneuver might not have been excruciating – but I don’t, and it was.

Overall, though, the session was OK. I showed up and didn’t whine or cut out early.

The bad news is I failed to show up yesterday for the third session. I hadn’t intended to skip it – I had my workout cloths on and everything – but an earlier appointment ran late and I never got to the gym. Missing that session felt bad – like a prodrome to quitting – perhaps because in the past, it would have been just that. Not this time though. Now, I have to answer to Sally…and YOU! (Yes, I’m gonna’ put comment buttons on these pages – soon as I figure out how).

I did get in workout (of sorts) at home on Thursday. I’ve been supplementing what I do at the gym every other day or so, because I know once a week won’t get me where I want to go.

Do I push myself really hard in my living room? Course not. I’m a wuss. But, hey – baby steps. One of these days, I may even break a sweat!