Stress is perhaps the signature problem in modern times. It is known to play a role in many of the diseases that plague us – high blood pressure, heart disease…even diabetes. Most of us who live conventional lives experience circumstances that can certainly be perceived as stressful: relational problems, conflicting demands on our time, long commutes, a critical boss, a hit to our financial well-being, sudden illness.

It may surprise you to know that how much we stress about a given circumstance is up to us. That’s right – whether we experience a lot of stress, or only a little, is a function of how we interpret whatever is going on. It is a function of the meaning we ascribe to it.

Consider this: If you see yourself as smart, competent, and an asset to pretty much any employer, you will likely be less stressed, should you lose your job, than someone who does not  see her or himself that way.

There is a relationship between our self-concept as adults and the circumstances under which we grew up. If, as children, we were affirmed as smart and competent, felt loved, and were spared psychological and physical abuse, we are more likely to feel relatively well-prepared to cope with various adverse circumstances, and will experience less stress while coping with them. If, on the other hand, we were treated in ways that conveyed negative messages about our worth and competence, our self-efficacy (our sense of ourselves as a can-do person) will reflect those messages.

So, where does EFT come in? EFT can help you identify and neutralize harmful messages transmitted to you in childhood. EFT can help you increase your self-efficacy and become much more stress-resistant.

EFT is also great at getting rid of what I call instant replays – negative interactions you just keep reliving over and over in your head. Example: You have an argument with a friend, and can’t stop thinking about it.

Get in touch, and I’ll tell you how to stop instant replays cold.

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