Presentations of varying lengths are available free to service organizations and at a reasonable cost to businesses, clubs, and other groups. If you think one of the talks listed below might be right for your group, please get in touch for more information.

  • An Intro to EFT – What EFT is, the science behind it, and what it has to offer   
  • You Should be Dancing! – Little-known Benefits of Social Dancing (Did you know dancing wards off dementia? True!)
  • When a Friend Has Cancer: What to Say…and Not Say – What I learned from my bout with breast cancer about How to be helpful, and not hurtful, to loved ones coping with cancer of any kind
  • The Science of Happy – Surprising info about what will and won’t make you happier
  • How To Be a Lovely Person – Tips on graciousness and consideration that go beyond etiquette

How may I help you?

Get in touch! We’ll talk about what Gold-Standard EFT can do for YOU! If you live at a distance and wish to book a session, we can Skype. On a tight budget? A sliding scale, pay it forward fee schedule is available.