EFT Sessions

For clients new to Energy Psychology and EFT, the initial session lasts 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions last 60 minutes. For clients already familiar with EFT, the first and subsequent sessions last 60 minutes.

Sessions are available via Skype to all clients, regardless of geographic location. Clients may schedule in-person sessions in the York or Lancaster, PA areas for an up-charge of $10.00/hr. Pre-paid three and five-session packages are available at a discount. Payment may be made online via a Paypal invoice, or in person via cash, check, or credit card.

How may I help you?

Get in touch! We’ll talk about what Gold-Standard EFT can do for YOU! If you live at a distance and wish to book a session, we can Skype. On a tight budget? A sliding scale, pay it forward fee schedule is available.