Humans are communal beings. We evolved to live in relationship to others. If we have no close ties with other people, the consequences are severe: social isolation has been found to be an even stronger predictor of illness and early death than living on Big Macs, and smoking.

Unfortunately, it’s also true that it’s our fellow humans who trigger most of our stress. Most of us find at least some of the folks with whom we interact – a spouse, partner, relative, friend, boss, co-worker, or neighbor – annoying, controlling, or frustrating. When we are upset by others, our blood pressure goes up, and our stomachs roil.

Can’t live without ‘em; can’t live with ‘em. What to do? Consider this:

The person who drives you furthest up the wall likely does not have that effect on everyone. Nope. Your response to that person is unique to YOU. It’s a function of YOUR beliefs, attitudes and values, most of which were set in place when you were growing up. The good news here is that you can change how you see and react to anyone, even individuals you experience as very difficult.


Why, EFT, of course!

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