Happy is as happy feels.

Our general level of happiness is a function of the emotions we experience most often. If we are warmed frequently by gratitude, appreciation, love, affection, awe, etc., and experience resentment, guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, envy, sadness and loneliness only occasionally, we’re going to describe ourselves as happy. If the opposite is true, we’ll likely describe ourselves as unhappy.

Our propensity to frequently experience certain emotions is usually related, at least in part, to the circumstances under which we grew up. If as children, we felt generally safe, loved, accepted and affirmed, positive emotions will likely come easily to us as adults. If, on the other hand, we felt unsafe, unloved, unseen, unheard, unwanted, bad, flawed, not good enough (you get the idea), we are at risk for frequently experiencing negative and painful emotions in adulthood.

EFT is often marvelously effective at undoing damage done to people in childhood. By assisting clients to recall and neutralize instances in which they felt unloved, humiliated, etc., and/or instances of psychological or physical abuse, EFT practitioners can help them achieve an enhanced and lasting sense of well-being.

EFT is also very good at zapping unpleasant emotions – anxiety, sadness, anger, etc. – in the present moment.

Consider giving EFT a chance to help you elevate your general mood when you’re feeling down, and also over the long term.

You can be happier!

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