Tofu is a cheese-like food made from soybeans. It’s a staple in China and other Asian countries. I like tofu because it’s a filling source of protein, and goes well with many foods. However, I’ve been reluctant to include much of it in my diet because I have a history of breast cancer, and hypothyroidism.

My tumor was the type that is stimulated by estrogen, and as soy has estrogenic properties, Tofu was not considered a safe food for me. A survivor can never be sure there aren’t a few dormant cancer cells remaining in her body, just waiting for a wake-up call. Happily, recent studies suggest soy products may be OK for survivors, after all.

When my thyroid gland was under-functioning, I’d been advised to avoid soy because it was thought to make low-thyroid conditions worse. That seems not to be true, either, and it doesn’t matter to me, anyway. A naturopath cured my hypothyroidism about four years ago.

You can read Kris Gunnar’s excellent summary of the literature on the pros and cons of soy foods here.