Even though I don’t want to be mean, sometimes I am.

Sometimes, meanness just slithers its way up from someplace deep inside, scales my throat, and makes it all the way out my mouth.

Just this week, I was nasty to a contractor. He had shown up at my condo at 9:30 in the morning to install window shades. Problem was, I was still dressed my nightgown and robe – sans makeup, and with hair askew.

I hadn’t expected him ‘till after eleven.

The service had been scheduled for between nine and twelve, but, being a late-sleeper, I’d asked the rep for the last appointment before lunch. She’d obliged me, and said the installer would likely arrive between eleven and twelve o’clock.

So, when the doorbell rang at 9:30, I was aghast. “I was expecting you around noon!” I exclaimed, taking my embarrassment out on the nice-looking man standing on my porch. “If I’d known you were coming this early, I’d have been dressed!”

With undisturbed equanimity, the installer informed me that according to his work order, my scheduled appointment window had been nine-to-twelve.

Apparently, I was not the first unkempt harridan he’d encountered.

Being quick to attack when I feel threatened is a negative tendency I’ve worked hard to eradicate. I’ve succeeded to a significant degree, but, on (thankfully) rare occasions, I still speak harshly to people. Yes, I’m as human as anyone else, but harming others, whether with word or deed, is against my beliefs. So, I’m going to use EFT to neutralize whatever old programming is still driving this behavior.

Big clue: I’m aware that had the contractor had been female, I would not have gotten so upset. Already, I can see where that’s going to take me.

If EFT were brought to bear on your troubling behaviors, where would it take you?