Did you break your New Year’s resolution already?

If so, you’re not alone. According to a survey conducted in Great Britain, over half the folks who made a resolution in 2014 broke it within a month, or less.

Why is that? We resolve to make a change in our lives – lose weight, for example – because we KNOW we’ll benefit. We’ll look and feel better, and be healthier.

So why do we sabotage ourselves? Why do most of us go back to the doughnuts and the chips?

We go back because we experience suffering and need relief. When we’re stressed, or sad or worried, feeling better NOW becomes more important than future rewards.

EFT can help you break the resolution-followed-by-failure cycle. I can show you how to use EFT to identify and neutralize the underlying causes of your stress and painful emotions. Now through January 31st, I’m offering a 50-percent, 1-session discount to new clients.

What are you waiting for?