In a perfect world, all children would be treated as the precious and unique little beings they are. Their innate strengths would be celebrated and encouraged. When frightened or unsure, they would be comforted and assisted. Most important, they would know, without question, they are loved.

Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world. The parents/guardians who raised us were not perfect. Neither were our teachers, relatives and neighbors. Most likely meant well, but they made mistakes. After all, their parents, teachers, etc., weren’t perfect, either.

As a consequence, we all carry wounds – some quite severe. We may have been given the not-so-subtle message that we are somehow not good – that we we’re bad, problematic, and unlovable. We may have been lead to believe we’re unintelligent or lazy. We may have been blamed for unhealthy family dynamics.

Many of us harbor, deep, and often secret, doubts about ourselves. We may put up a good front, but inside, we’re fearful and insecure.

EFT can help you identify early influences, even long-forgotten ones, that harmed your ability to trust yourself and feel confident and competent. More important, EFT can help you neutralize those influences.

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