Using EFT to Help You Forgive

Cultivating the ability to forgive others for what we see as trespasses against us is one of the most positive things we

Using EFT to Help You Forgive2017-01-19T17:46:27-04:00

Do You Talk to Trees?

I talk to trees. And birds. And my car. I thank them for their beauty. For being reliable. For making my life

Do You Talk to Trees?2017-01-16T10:36:35-04:00

Weasel Words

Weasel words. We use them to be inauthentic. We use them to dodge responsibility. We use them to avoid owning our behavior.

Weasel Words2016-07-12T15:25:22-04:00

Have You Hugged an Extrovert Today?

Extroversion. Introversion. Two important, misunderstood, terms. We extroverts (yes, I’m confessing) aren’t all loud, conversation hogs. Introverts-I count three among my closest

Have You Hugged an Extrovert Today?2016-07-02T14:51:32-04:00
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