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Tea Tidbit

If you're into green tea because it's loaded with antioxidants, and boosts your immune system, You'll appreciate this tip from Bloomberg Business

Tea Tidbit2016-01-07T18:23:00-04:00

Best Relationship Advice Ever!

I found just what I needed today among the features in Elephant Journal, a free online newsletter oriented to personal/spiritual development. Yesterday,

Best Relationship Advice Ever!2016-10-27T20:16:25-04:00

When We Just Don’t Agree…

We all have friends whose political and/or religious views are polar opposites of ours.  While maintaining relationships with them requires tact, and

When We Just Don’t Agree…2016-10-27T20:16:25-04:00

Sleepless in Seattle?

Check out this terrific essay on the informed person's alternative to tossing and turning. How to Make the Most of the Time

Sleepless in Seattle?2016-10-27T20:16:27-04:00

I Didn’t MEAN it.

Even though I don’t want to be mean, sometimes I am. Sometimes, meanness just slithers its way up from someplace deep inside,

I Didn’t MEAN it.2015-07-16T22:12:12-04:00
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